I'm a retired computer geek who has turned the hobby of photography into a full time activity. With 40 years of experience, I'm well beyond amatuer status.

But I do not sell my work for profit and I do not take paid assignments. I guess that makes me a "non commercial" photographer... or a fool, depending on your point of view.

You can reach me at: redcrown.arkacy (AT) gmail.com 

My photography covers a wide area of subjects - landscapes, cityscapes, still life, portraiture, and special events. There are many photo galleries from wandering about my home in Des Moines, Iowa. And many more from my travels across the U.S., Italy, and Japan.

Much of my photography comes from my volunteer activity with international exchange organizations. These include American Field Service (AFS), the Iowa Asian Alliance (CelebrAsian), Iowa Sister States, and the Iowa Student Government Leadership Conference (ISGLC).

My wife and I have hosted 7 foreign exchange students, and we have been support representatives for dozens of others.

Maybe you are here because you are also involved with one of the international exchange groups or cultural activities that I've photographed.

Maybe you are a parent looking for pictures of your son or daughter who is far from home.

I hope you find who you are looking for, and I hope you enjoy the photos. I would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment in the space below.

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